Isle Skateboards is an artistically rooted UK skate brand that draws inspiration from the creative worlds of the artists that they work with. Isle Skateboards is headed up by Paul Shier, Nick Jensen and Chris Aylen. They created Isle (pronounced 'Aile') in 2013 to create a better home for various London based skateboarders that were in search of a skateboard company that represented something new and fresh.

Using a huge amount of artistic experimentation, which lives throughout their graphics and media, Isle Skateboards are represented by Sylvain Tognelli, Tom Knox, Chris Jones, Casper Brooker, alongside Paul Shier and Nick Jensen. They added American based skateboarder Jon Nguyen shortly after and just recently onboarded Mike Arnold. Mike recently transferred to adidas Skateboarding shoes.

Isle clothing and skateboards can be regularly seen in the Thrasher Skateboard Magazine video series, Atlantic Drift, filmed by Isle video creator Jacob Harris. Atlantic Drift is a quarterly video series housed on Thrasher, which largely features the Isle team alongside Remy Taveira and Kyron Davis. Recently Atlantic Drift partnered with Thrasher clothing to create a small capsule line.