The Poetic Collective was founded in 2016 by Tom Botwid while he was studying at an art academy in Berlin. Together with his brother Paul Botwid, they managed to make a name for themselves with unique designs, far from the schemes known in skating until then. The brand is now based in Malmö, Sweden.

The Poetic Collective wants to break down barriers, take a step back and see skating in a new way. Inspiration is drawn from everything - architecture, graphic design, art history - everything influences. The result is your own expressive work of art on your deck. "These projects are not so much about looking ever closer at skateboarding, but about stepping back to see what skateboarding can be when it's put in relation to something completely different" This mindset and this unique approach makes the projects of the Poetic Collective so special and creates a high recognition value and unique vibe. You can tell the different creative sources outside of skating and that gives the graphics on the boards a strong expression.



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