Uniting Skateboarding and Art

Recently a merging of two creative forces happened, LIFER SUPPLY and Boris Pleša, came together to give birth to a unique collaboration.

Boris & Danko @ DOREMIZA HQ

Boris Pleša, a celebrated illustrator and graphic artist from Zagreb, and LIFER SUPPLY, hub for street culture and skateboarding enthusiasts, joined hands to create a limited-edition series of two skateboard decks that are not just pieces of art but also a testament to the passion we share for urban culture.

This collaboration journey began in the picturesque town of Brtonigla, Croatia, during the Toons & Tunes festival. Boris was a guest artist, showcasing his impressive portfolio at the vinyl fair. He introduced his latest works and presented his book, "It's not only Rock & Roll," which delves into his deep connection with art and music.

It was on this vibrant, creative stage that our paths crossed. The connection was instant, driven by our shared love for urban culture and mutual respect for skateboarding. Despite Boris not being a skater himself, he possesses an innate understanding of what LIFER SUPPLY stands for – a lifestyle that celebrates the streets as a canvas for expression.

Over the course of several months, we engaged in a rich and inspiring exchange of ideas. Our conversations traversed over time not only the realms of art and skateboarding but life itself in general and how we can make a greater inpact as creators. It was during these conversations that the concept for the artwork on the skateboards emerged naturally.

This first graphic/skateboard deck, set to make its grand entrance, draws inspiration from the timeless classic, "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway.
The design is elegantly simple, featuring a tranquil illustration of blue waves, a distinctive silhouette of a solitary ship, and the graceful figure of a man against a creamy white backdrop.

This skateboard deck is more than just a piece of wood; it's a work of art, meticulously crafted. It's an embodiment of our shared passion for urban culture, illustration, and skateboarding, encapsulating the essence of LIFER SUPPLY and Boris Pleša's artistic spirit.

LIFER SUPPLY x BORIS PLEŠA skateboard decks are not just meant for the streets; they can also be hung on your wall as a statement piece, a testament to the intersection of art and skateboarding that defines this limited edition.

As we present this collaboration to the world, we invite you to be a part of this unique journey, not only as skateboarders but as appreciators of art and urban culture.

These decks come in three available sizes 8.375, 8.5 inches (twin tail shape) and a special shape 8.8 inches (sqaure tail) for laidback cruising sessions. All boards are made from premium canadian maple produced in Germany (Berlin). 

Find them on our webstore or via special affiliate stockists (soon). 



Laidback cruiser complete

(made of Hemingway deck, Zupply bolts, Cortina bearings, Tremendous trucks, Zupply griptape and LIFER blank wheels 53mm) 

Collab logo


Ernest Hemingway by Boris Pleša



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